I can’t praise Muriel highly enough. Not only is she absolutely one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met but she is a hugely accomplished yoga teacher and a very spiritual person into the bargain. She is gentle and encouraging with novices and supportive and inspiring to the more experienced. If you’ve always wanted to practise yoga but never got round to it these are the classes to try first. Never intimidating and great fun too.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonCrissy Duff, Kingston

I have had many yoga teachers and I find Muriel to be among the best. She has an incredible warmth and leads her classes with intelligence whilst catering to individual needs and abilities. I simply love her classes.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonLouise van Herpen, Isleworth

Muriel is a most wonderful teacher. She has the most caring nature, is very in tune with all her attendees. She is very knowledgable and attends numerous courses to continue her training. Each class is different and her instruction is superb. She embraces meditation and her classes are truly restorative. I would urge anyone who loves yoga or wishes to try yoga to attend one of her sessions. You will not be disappointed!

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonMarguerite Bowers-Clarke, Kingston

I attend a Friday morning yoga class at Mumu yoga. I wish that I could be available for the other classes run by Muriel during the week as it is a really fantastic class. The hall is warm but well ventilated and very comfortable. Parking is easy. Muriel, herself just exudes calm and caters the class to the needs of each individual so that it is never too hard or too easy.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonPauline Sharratt, Kingston

Muriel is a warm, friendly person with a deep knowledge and love of yoga. These attributes are evident in her relaxed and open teaching style and she communicates with clarity and enthusiasm. She makes everybody feel welcome (regardless of their level of experience or ability), and the combination of her excellent technical knowledge and her compassionate nature enables each student to get the maximum benefit from each class. Attending her classes is a genuine pleasure.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonIsabel Isaacson, Kingston

Muriel’s eclectic yoga practice brings harmony back to a high-wire life style by mixing fundamentals of the Iyengar method with other styles and the calming spirit of a true Teacher.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonJohn Leggate, Wimbledon

Muriel applies her experience of yoga and her knowledge of the human body to the individual yoga student. She is sensitive to each student’s abilities and limitations which is why her popularity, as a yoga teacher, has grown from strength to strength. Her classes are equally beneficial for beginners and advanced students, as Muriel subtly adapts the postures to suit the student.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonRena Biedka, Kingston

I first attended Muriel’s yoga class 9 years ago and at that time had a shoulder injury which meant I was unable to raise my arm above shoulder level. As my mother had suffered from severe Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis I decided to attend yoga classes to improve my own flexibility. After just a few classes I was able to move my arm more and more and after a few months, had no restriction in movement of my arm whatsoever and my overall flexibility improved dramatically. Muriel’s classes are both revitalising and relaxing, she is an absolutely brilliant teacher – a great mentor to all of us who have been attending her classes.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonJules Glover, Wimbledon

I had tried yoga before but until I attended Muriel’s classes I had no idea how incredibly powerful it could be – not only in terms of physical well-being but also mental tranquillity. My posture has improved dramatically and my body is freer, stronger, more flexible and more defined. Attending her classes is a genuine pleasure.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonKathryn McLoughlin, Surbiton