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MuMu Yoga  (Muriel Mueller-Moorehead) offers a variety of weekly open Mixed Ability and Pre & Post Natal Yoga classes in the morning and evening in Kingston/ Hampton Wick and Weybridge. One-on-One/ Private Yoga Tuition (busy Commuters, Teenagers, Families etc), Corporate Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy, Coaching, guidance and Mentoring for Yoga teachers in training and private Meditation classes throughout the South-West London area.

If you can’t commit to a weekly class you might enjoy slightly longer, deeply healing Yin Yoga sessions held once or twice a month on a Saturday.

General Yoga Classes:
Monday 9:45-11:00 / 19:45-21:00
Thursday 9:45-11:00 (Weybridge)
Friday 10:00-11:30

Yin Yoga Classes:
Saturday 11:15-13:15 (once monthly)

Pregnancy Yoga Classes:
Monday 18:30-19:30
Saturday 10:00-11:00

Mum & Baby Yoga:
Monday 11:15-12:15

” I found that as soon as I entered the room, which has a very high ceiling, exposed wooden beams and plenty of natural light flooding in, I felt light and relaxed. It is the prefect physical space to recover some inner space.

Time suddenly becomes irrelevant, which in today’s society is pretty rare. It feels like a complete luxury to be able to switch off for such a long period of time. I could just imagine the hundreds of shoppers buzzing around nearby Kingston, a popular Saturday shopping destination. A couple more deep breaths and that all seemed to slip far, far away. No pressure to do anything, be anyone, react or be proactive, just be still and peaceful.

The session works through many postures, that all elicit different physical and mental benefits. At about two thirds though the session, Muriel serves some hot herbal tea and this provides a chance to relax outside of the planned activity. Blankets are available and you can get really cosy and comfortable for the remainder of the workshop, which focusses purely on deep relaxation. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Muriel has an amazing teaching style, very comfortable and relaxed, allowing the phases of the workshop to flow really nicely.”

Layla Smith
Aspire PR & Marketing MD

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Yoga in KingstonI am extremely passionate about Yoga, Health and Well-Being and I teach each and every class from my heart with love, care, enthusiasm and devotion. My highest goal is always to help my students achieve their full potential on and off the mat, every day, in every way and help to create inner and outer balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Each session is different, typically a mix of Slow Mindfull Flow Yoga, focused on correct and safe alignment, core stability and breathing, with some Yin Yoga to heal, energize and cultivate mindfulness to bring inner peace, balance and harmony. I always keep specific conditions of each individual in mind. My Yoga training is of high standards and I have been teaching for over 18 years and practising for 27 years. As a Reiki Master (4 levels) the additional healing benefit is of paramount importance in all of my sessions.
Yoga has been a great source of joy and comfort in my own life and has saved me countless times in so many ways. It’s seen me through important stages of my own life and I cannot recommend this amazing, deeply transformative practice highly enough. It not only keeps the body strong, toned and healthy, lowers stress levels and makes you sleep better, but also cultivates mental and emotional strength, helps one to become more mindful and slows down or even stills the constant mind-chatter.

I also offer private ‘Yoga Counselling’, a form of Yoga Therapy or Life Coaching, which is designed to help people through major life changes and physical, mental/emotional and spiritual challenges. After an initial meeting and open talk, I use the healing modalities of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathing, Mantra, Chant and The Law of Attraction techniques to help my clients cope with whatever they are going through. Meetings are completely confidential and non judgemental.

Muriel Mueller-Moorehead