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Paco, now known as Aubry, was born yesterday (10th July 2013) at 8:09pm, weighing in at 8lbs! He’s gorgeous!! 24 hrs natural labour, drug free and only using breathing and Sacred Earth on repeat. I even delivered in a squat position!! Crazy trip, I tell ya!… I’m totally whooped today but am utterly in love!!! Hope you can come over for a cuddle soon!!! Tons of love, Grahame, Nadine & Aubrey! xxxx

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonNadine & Grahame

Austyn Maddoc Hopcyn Bowen-Perkins arrived 2 weeks early on Monday 17th June and weighed 5lb 9oz.  The birth went really well and fortunately followed my plan which I feel very fortunate about – it was a fairly swift labour about 5 hours, I used the birthing pool and positions/breathing techniques that we’ve been doing in yoga and was able to deliver Austyn with no medical intervention (so thank you!!) – not even gas and air!  I had a slurp and felt as though I was going to pass out but the water was a fantastic pain relief.  We spent Monday night in hospital and was back at home Tuesday, things have been going well so far and I think gradually acclimatising to sleepless nights! When things start to get back to some normality I’ll be in contact with you about bringing him to baby yoga. Hope you’re well. Sonia

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Just wanted to introduce you to Rosie Isabella who was born a week ago (12th June 2013), at home, in the birthing pool. It all went well, the contractions were so powerful that she would have been born whether I was pushing or not!! Looking forward to starting mum and baby yoga asap. Many thanks for your fab classes in the run up to her bath. They really were a saving grace and I am sure played a huge part in the ease of the delivery. See you soon. Claire

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonClaire

Just wanted to let you know I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Friday 18th of Feb 2013. I breathed my way through labour (no pain relief!) and he was born in the birth pool – it was magic! When we’re recovered and settled down we’d love to join you for mummy and baby yoga. Thanks for the yoga wisdom these past few months. Love Anna Goodhew x

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonAnna

We’ve had a son! Seb arrived very very quickly on the 17th August, last Friday evening. I was two days overdue. We went into really strong contractions straight away about 5.30pm Friday night, my waters exploded – like a tsunami – about 7.30 pm and we got to Kingston Hospital at 8pm to be told I was fully dilated and he was delivered 30 minutes later at 8.30 pm. All completely natural, no drugs, not even gas and air. I’m in shock still I think. But he is here and safe and well. 6 lb 4 oz. I did my deep breathing throughout – I’m so pleased you drummed into us, it absolutely got me through the pain at home. I delivered on all fours, the best position for me. In a way I was pleased it was so quick. I came home on Saturday evening and the fun began! Jo xxxx

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonJo

During the contractions, I concentrated on my breath as you taught me which worked really well!! After my contractions became regular, it only took 4 hours for me to have Isla. I didn’t use any pain killers including Gas & Air. I just breathed through it! The midwife who was monitoring my contractions thought it will take much longer for me to dilate but I was fully dilated pretty soon which I believe was because my body was relaxed because of the breathing. I really appreciate that you taught me the importance of breathing which helped me a lot! And hope all the yoga class mates will have the easy delivery too using the technique! Please remind all the girls that breathing is the best way to cope with the contraction! Take care! Tomoko xxx

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonTomoko

Just to let you know that Evelina Scarlett arrived on Saturday night at 10.09pm, weighing 7lb 1oz. I had contractions from about midnight the night before and went to hospital at 3.30pm but got sent home as was only 4cm dilated. Came back at 9pm as they were much stronger and was 10cm! Then I had her in the birthing unit after about 90 minutes – she came out very quickly in the end! I was really pleased that I only had gas and air, and the breathing was the one thing that I remembered – especially the exhalation! I could picture you saying it and tried to do that when I was getting anxious, so thank you! Isabella xxx

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonIsabella

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your pregnancy yoga classes. The breathing and yoga moves helped me throughout my pregnancy and especially labour. Baby Ashwini was born on08/04/12 weighing 6lb 12. Wishing all the other ladies all the best for their deliveries. Geeta xx

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonGeeta

Here’s a little picture of Mati Mae. She was born on Friday morning at 6.19 & weighed 7lb 6. Thank you so much for such great classes over the last few months, they’ve been brilliant for mind & body. Knowing I had great stretches & breathing techniques in the bag gave me great confidence going in to what was a very laboured labour! The exercises have kept me so much stronger throughout pregnancy & focused on what was important. Lots of love, Lotte x x

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonLotte

Just letting you know our son Hendrix was born on Sunday weighing 6.7. The breathing and yoga really helped as I sat breathing cross legged and in cat position in the waiting area for a few hours. I had a natural labour but it took 35 hours! Thanks so much for all the yoga, it really did help so much 🙂 Rachel Kan

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonRachel

Just to let you know baby Amelie was born on the 12th of September at 00:56. I started with contractions about 6 hours after our last class, maybe the squatting helped! I had quite a long labour of 25hrs with contractions 3 minutes apart from the start but remembering to relax and breath got me through and she was a natural delivery.She’s absolutely fabulous and we are looking forward to mum and baby yoga!
Thank you,Caroline

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonCaroline