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Twice a month 2 hour Yin Yoga session, Saturdays 11:05 – 13:05 at Bullen Hall, £23 per session pp

Upcoming Yin Yoga dates 

12 January 2019

26 January 2019

9 February 2019

23 February 2019

9 March 2019

23 March 2019

6 April 2019

4 May 2019

18 May 2019

1 June 2019

15 June 2019

29 June 2019

13 July 2019

27 July 2019

Please kindly use the contact sheet to book your place and I will send you payment details or alternatively you can use the PayPal button below and leave a short message to specify the Yin Yoga date you’d like to attend. Also please subscribe to my newsletter to get notifications of upcoming Yin Yoga Sessions.

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Relax and Renew!

Treat yourself to a 2 hour Yin Yoga session Saturdays once or twice a month, in order to profoundly replenish and balance your energy system with this slow paced, incredibly relaxing and healing practice.

Although I do provide mats etc, I recommend bringing your own mat and blanket for Yin Yoga to lay on top of mine for extra comfort and warmth.

Thank you soooooo much for the workshop on Saturday. I cannot express how grateful I am for the experience. I enjoyed every single minute of it; the reading, the practice, yoga nidra, you have such a soothing voice!!
Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonMara

I wanted to let you know that I had a real ‘aha’ moment during the last Yin yoga session and it really lifted some negative energy that I’ve been holding on to for well over a year. Your session helped me to connect with challenging feelings and through exploration gave me insight into why I was holding on to these feelings. I recognised that I was keeping myself in a victim position by holding on to these feelings. When this aha moment happened I knew I didn’t want to feel like a victim anymore and since the session I have chosen self compassion and acceptance of what happened. I feel so much lighter now and still!!!
So I wanted to say thank you for your wisdom and knowledge, and for creating the conditions that enabled me to fully connect with myself.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonHelen Bishop

3rd May 2014: “Effort and Surrender”

Magically with these two qualities in equal measure we seem to be able to connect to the quantum world. The practice of yoga powerfully cultivates and deepens our intrinsic and innate ability to align ourselves with the universal flow and our life purpose or Dharma. With the continuous practice of asana using bandhas, breath and alignment we are able become more and more aware of our subtle energies and the field around us allowing us to unify our mind, body, soul complex. It is then that we can start to unravel, lift the veils of our inner confinement and expand into new territory in our human evolution of consciousness.

But above all that we are having fun, play and explore and don’t take things too seriously in the process. We will be doing lots of heart and hip opening, twisting and forward bending to balance it all out.

Please bring enough warm clothes, maybe a blanket to be comfortable and warm. Although I provide mats, I do recommend to bring your own if you can for extra softness as we’re holding floor based poses for some time.

Please contact me to book and reserve your place.

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