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Pregnancy Yoga KingstonPregnancy Yoga Kingston, Hampton Wick and Teddington: Classes

Come and join my regular Pregnancy Yoga Kingston classes held at Bullen Hall, suitable from 13 weeks onward, taking you throughout your entire pregnancy till due date and even beyond, if you are a beginning or more advanced pregnant yogini. 

Monday evenings 6:30-7:30pm at Bullen Hall

Saturday mornings 10:00-11:00am at Bullen Hall

Christmas schedule: last class Monday 18 December 2017, first class back in the new year Saturday 13 January 2018 

Each block course runs for 7 weeks/classes (£91) and you can start any time with me, given I currently have space (please send me an email to find out). You can then come to the Saturday morning or Monday evening class or both until your 7 week/class block is full (please use within 8 weeks). 

Pregnancy is a magical intuitive time in a woman’s life celebrating the new life growing inside her. Yoga makes you feel more energised, stronger, more relaxed and more comfortable in your own body. Regular practice tones and strengthens your pregnant body. It allows you to connect with your baby and your own inner wisdom on a deeper level. Yoga and Pregnancy have such a natural affinity, were yoga helps and guides you to have a deeper experience of your pregnancy and your pregnancy will also enhance and deepen your relationship to Yoga. 

I am a mum of 2 and have been teaching pregnant ladies for over 15 years now. I feel blessed to see whole families grow and witness my beautiful mums go through their first, second and sometimes third pregnancies.

I have been attending Mumu pregnancy yoga with Muriel during both my pregnancies and cannot recommend it highly enough. Muriel’s calm approach, her experience and expert knowledge created a relaxing atmosphere that helped me deal with the physical and emotional stresses of my pregnancies (I had gestational diabetes, back pain etc) and focus on the positive. I feel it helped me enormously to connect with my babies and my body and to prepare for labour and birth. Despite health professional concerns, I ended up having two completely natural births that were relatively quick, using only gas and air combined with relaxation and breathing techniques!

Uli Nebel
I can’t say enough good things about Mumu Yoga. So far I’ve enjoyed mum and baby yoga with my first son, pregnancy yoga during my second pregnancy and I’m currently attending mum and baby classes again with my 4 month old. Muriel’s classes are energising, relaxing, nurturing and enjoyable. She is always careful to check what concerns and issues we have and to adapt anything necessary. During classes and via her mailing list and Facebook she also imparts a great deal of inspiring insight into how our bodies and minds work and interact. I would (and regularly do) recommend MuMu Yoga to anyone interested in starting to practice yoga.
Alison Hollis

The Pregnancy Yoga Kingston classes are suitable from 13-14 weeks of your pregnancy right up to your due date and sometimes even beyond if you are comfortable. It does not matter whether you have practised yoga before or not.

This most precious time in a woman’s life brings tremendous change, both physically and emotionally. Pre-natal yoga aims to empower and prepare mums-to-be to feel calm, strong and in control, mentally and physically. Yoga helps keeping their bodies toned and supple without strain whilst preparing for the birth of their baby and motherhood. Common discomforts that occur during pregnancy can be alleviated. Lower back pain, pelvic pain, heartburn, indigestion, swollen joints, breathlessness, tiredness and sleep disturbances are just a few of those discomforts that can occur. Yoga provides women with much needed rest and increases energy and vitality. It enhances overall well-being and allows for time to connect with their baby and their own inner wisdom.

Places in my classes are popular and limited. Please contact me to book and secure your place. If you have any questions or concerns whether this class is right for you, please contact me as well. Payment is required before the start of the course to guarantee your place. Details of where to send payment to will be send to you once you have booked. Please download the Pregnancy Yoga Kingston, Hampton Wick & Teddington registration form at the bottom of this page and bring along with you.

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

  • strengthen and toning the pelvic floor muscles and deep core
  • alleviate some of the common discomforts of pregnancy
  • stretch, tone, strengthen and relax
  • improve concentration
  • adjust to physical and emotional changes
  • make space for your growing baby and bond with her/him
  • helps with optimal fetal positioning
  • improve energy levels and enhance well-being
  • meet other pregnant mums
  • prepare mentally and physically for labour and the birth of your baby
  • learn how to use your breath for relaxation and labour

Midwife Louise Nuns says:

I encourage all pregnant women to attend yoga classes. Yoga benefits pregnant women in many ways. It is a great way to relieve stress and cope with the emotional, hormonal, and bodily changes a pregnant woman experiences. Yoga improves posture, which helps a pregnant woman avoid backaches and fatigue. It strengthens abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, making carrying the weight of a developing baby easier. Many women say that regular yoga practice during pregnancy eases delivery and reduces the need for drugs during delivery. Importantly, many of the breathing techniques that I teach for coping with the pain and stress of childbirth are similar to those taught in yoga. Pregnant mums who do yoga exercises seem healthier, both in mind and body. Their bodies are more flexible, which enables them to adapt to various positions when in labour. The ligaments are more elastic, which in turn can help to reduce labour pain. In addition, women who practice yoga during pregnancy can find it easier to recover and regain their fitness after delivery.

Many of our clients have attended Muriel’s Pregnancy Yoga Kingston classes and have found them to be extremely beneficial as well as really enjoying them.

Logo Lotus Flower MuMu Yoga KingstonLouise Nunn RGN, RM, BSc (Hons)


7 sessions course / £91  

Mats, bolsters and blocks are provided.

If your baby arrives early or if there are complications in your pregnancy which require rest, you will receive a partial refund of your investment. Unused Pregnancy Yoga Kingston classes can be used towards a Mum and Baby Yoga course. I will work out your individual course price for you.

I recommend coming to the mum and baby yoga sessions once baby is about 6 weeks or older. It holds many benefits for both. Babies whose mums came to pregnancy yoga usually recognise my voice and my OMs. It tends to calm and relax them and others too.

It is often possible to join current courses after the start date. In that case, your investment will be adjusted. Please enquire about availability.


Please email me if you would like to book your place on the next or current course. I will send you bank details to secure your place on the course. Alternatively you can pay via PayPal below once I have confirmed your booking. 

Kindly bring the below registration form along to your first class:

MuMu Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Registration Form

Payment Details

You may pay via PayPal using the below button. This method includes a PayPal charge.

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer at no additional charge, please contact me. I will send you the details.

Pregnancy Yoga (7 Sessions)

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