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Can’t find the time to get to a general open class? Do you prefer individual guidance to improve your practice and have a more personalised experience? Has your Physio Therapist given you lots of exercises (neglecting the benefits of correct breathing) but you are not really sure if you’re doing them right or are simply bored of them and could use a tune up? Whether you are recovering from injury or you are new to yoga, Private Yoga Classes Weybridge are a fantastic way to get started or enhance your practice.

Tailormade, VIP Yoga Coaching and Mentoring, Private Yoga Classes Weybridge

My One-to-One yoga sessions are a very popular choice for busy London commuters. I have over the years taught a large number of people in high powered jobs, who found the individual attention extremely beneficial in alleviating minor health issues, helping with  stress and getting fit and healthy. I am also a Reiki Master healer, Health and Lifestyle mentor, life coach and meditation teacher and I have helped many clients, couples and whole families experience big shifts and create lasting change in their lives.

I offer private one-to-one classes in Weybridge , Esher, Walton, Kingston, Teddington, Hampton Wick and Surbiton.

Please read through the one-on-one testimonial page  to get a better idea of what I’m all about and contact me to find out more or to make an appointment.

Investment – Private Yoga Classes Weybridge

For private Yoga classes, Meditation, Chakra Dancing, Mentoring, Healing or any combination. 

£ 70 / 60 minutes

£ 80 / 75 minutes

£ 90 / 90 minutes

Please note that for the initial session 90 minutes is recommended.

Skype sessions

My clients rarely want to miss a class whilst away for business or on holiday, so I have started to offer Skype or FaceTime sessions as well. Typically 1/2 hour is enough for a little tune up to align body mind and soul and get back into balance.

Regardless of whether you are stuck in the office, away or busy at home, you can now get a 1/2 hour, quick tailormade yoga fix and still get great value. Although these sessions are not hands-on, you will be provided with detailed guidance and instructions, that give surprisingly beneficial results (£40).

£40/ 30 minutes Skype call


Private sessions can take place in the convenience of your own home, venue of your choice.